Amazing English

Smarter English now offers full immersion weeks for younger learners too!

In our amazing 2-week full-immersion camps, primary school students can develop creativity, problem solving, teamwork and communication skills, while improving their english, and becoming more competent speakers.

We have many years experience of designing and running successful language and activity camps throughout europe.

Amazing staff

Qualified teachers with the skills and smarts to introduce language creatively and effectively.

Energetic and charismatic tutors who can manage activities and keep everyone engaged 

Amazing activities.

Classroom games designed and selected to reinforce the language and create ample speaking opportunities.

Mind-bending challenges to develop creativity, problem-solving, communication skills and teamwork.

Amazing structure
A tailored timetable and curriculum, structured to stimulate and calm students over the course of each day, with opportunities for discovery, self-reflection, and team work.

Amazing price
2 weeks of our amazing full-immersion english camp has a very accessible price

And we also offer free and half-price places to families in economic difficulty.

Get a free sample lesson.

We have teachers visiting Italy throughout winter and spring 2024, and we’d be happy to come an offer a few demonstration activities to some of your classes.

Contact us for more information.

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