Discover Smarter English

We offer both “smart” and “on-site” projects to help students make leaps and bounds in their English skills.

Our teams of mother-tongue speakers (qualified EFL teachers) create the environment and opportunities for students to reinforce the English they have already acquired while improving linguistic confidence, language fluency, pronunciation and listening skills.

We work with both state schools and private students.

Engaging activities

We avoid textbooks and run-of-the-mill grammar exercises, opting instead to create real and authentic opportunities to practice the language

Through problem-solving, role plays and drama, debates, games and mysteries, our teachers get students to produce target language and communicate successfully while having fun.

Amazing teachers

We select qualified and experienced teachers with the right skills, attitude and energy to keep students inspired and engaged. Obviously, our staff don’t and won’t speak the local language so all activities are conducted solely in English.

All smiles and no grades

Worrying about getting it right can cause learners to clam up and stop having fun, so we don’t give grades or carry out assessments.

No bears!

The stress associated with an imminent attack can disrupt the learning process, so we create safe, bear-free atmospheres for our projects.


While many teachers dream of electrocuting some of their students, we understand that electro-shock incentives are not conducive to English learning.

And for parents:

Fair fares…

Spurred by the conviction that no one should miss out on educational opportunities for economic reasons, Smarter English projects are priced to suit even the most modest of budgets.

…and real results

Students will feel more confident and uninhibited in their use of English. Such a paradigm shift in a student’s approach to the language will yield numerous benefits for years to come.

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