Smarter English Online.

A new way to learn

During this pandemic, as lockdowns, social distancing and self-isolation seem to be pushing us further apart, we have decided to move in the opposite direction. This year, we will be offering a new kind of learning project.

Smarter English Online will use online video conferencing to break down these physical boundaries and bring students from all across Europe into the same digital classroom.

Our team of diverse and experienced teachers will use new technology to deliver the same engaging and high-quality classes our students have come to expect, in a way they may not. 

With a focus on fluency and conversational English, our students will be able to put everything they have learned from stale school textbooks into a real-life context, developing the language skills that will help them to study, work, or travel anywhere in the world.

What makes our online project so special?

It’s international

Our classrooms will be filled with students from all across Europe, with only the language they’re learning to tie them together. If they want to talk, they’ll have to do it in English!

Our inspiring teaching team will show that English is not some abstract school subject, but a tool to communicate with new friends across different backgrounds and cultures.

Small groups

We understand that every student is different. No two learn in quite the same way. 

With our classes ranging from 4 to 8 students, depending on their level, each can be sure of receiving the tailored help and attention they need to improve their English. 

Smaller groups also make it easier for our teachers to design activities and lessons which are pertinent and engaging for everyone.

Fun activities

Smarter English has always promoted a different kind of English learning. We don’t use textbooks, we steer clear of fusty grammar exercises, and focus instead on using the language in real-life, practical, and creative contexts.

Our teachers use problem solving, role plays, presentations, debates, and even games to stimulate and challenge their students.

Professional teachers

Our teachers are hand-picked from language schools all around the world. They are all professionally qualified and come with a wealth of experience and new ideas to share. 

They are all just awesome people (as our past students will tell you). We can’t wait for you to meet them.

Secure platform

Our classes will be run through Zoom, which offers a wealth of features that our teachers can use to maximise the potential of online learning.

Students will be able to break into teams, share projects, engage with English through music and film … the list is so long it is impossible to write out, and our innovative teachers will not doubt surprise us with new ideas we haven’t even thought of yet!

Smarter English will also utilise all of Zooms security features to ensure that every student is as safeguarded as they would be in a real school.

And it doesn’t stop in the classroom

With our online groups being put together based on age and level, rather than location, students will find themselves meeting like-minded people across the continent. 

Through Instagram, Facebook, or even online video games, our students will be motivated to continue using English in their everyday lives to stay in touch with these new friends. 

Learning the language will become more than a school subject, it will become a part of their lives. 

When can I join?

We are running Smarter English courses all through the summer, and at two levels of participation. 

Students can choose between:

– attending 10 lessons per week. Each lesson will be 45 minutes, for a total for 7.5 hours. During the course students will work with upto 4 teachers

– attending 20 lessons per week. Each lesson will be 45 minutes, for a total of 15 hours. During the course students will work with upto 4 teachers

Dates available.

  • Calendar Week 24: 8th – 12th June
  • Calendar Week 25: 15th – 19th June
  • Calendar Week 26: 22th – 26th June
  • Calendar Week 27: 29th June – 3rd July
  • Calendar Week 28: 6th – 10th July
  • Calendar Week 35: 24th – 28th August 2020
  • Calendar Week 36: 31st August – 6th September
  • Calendar Week 37: 7th – 11th September
  • Calendar Week 38: 14th – 18th September

How much will it cost?

We are confident our fair fares will deliver great value for money. 

The 20-lesson course costs just 120 euros per person per week, with the 10-lesson course being half that, at 60 euros.

How do I sign up?

To enrol in the course you just need to fill out the form below. Once you have been accepted we will send you a brief online test.

The test is nothing to be worried about, there is no passing or failing. It is designed to help us place you exactly where you need to be to get the absolute most out of your time with us, so please, don’t cheat!

After you have completed the test and the groups are formed, you will be sent a timetable and calendar for the course along with access credentials for the Zoom lessons.

Classes will generally be scheduled as follows: (All times CEST)

  • 9.00am-9.45am,
  • 10.00am – 10.45am,
  • 11.00am – 11.45am,
  • 12.00pm – 12.45pm


It is necessary to have a computer with webcam, microphone and headphones (or speakers) to participate in the online lessons.

It is advisable to download and install Zoom to your computer well in advance of the start of the course in order to get used to using the platform.


Check out our FAQ page here:

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact Ilaria, one of our ever helpful and friendly office staff, at

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