A new way to learn

As well as “on-site” courses, we offer “smart” projects to let students continue making progress from home.


Our smart-projects use video conferencing (ZOOM) to bring students into the same virtual classroom.

Everything else is the same. Same great methods. Same great quality. Same great results

What makes our smart-projects so special?

Small groups

We understand that every student is different. No two learn in quite the same way. 

With our classes ranging from 4 to 8 students, depending on their level, each can be sure of receiving the tailored help and attention they need to improve their English. 

Smaller groups also make it easier for our teachers to design activities and lessons which are pertinent and engaging for everyone.

No books

We don’t use textbooks in our smart-projects either. Instead we focus on using the language in real-life, practical, and creative contexts.

Our teachers use problem solving, role plays, presentations, debates, and even games to stimulate and challenge their students.

Professional teachers

Our teachers are hand-picked from language schools all around the world. They are all professionally qualified and come with a wealth of experience and new ideas to share. 

They are all just awesome people (as our past students will tell you). We can’t wait for you to meet them.

Secure platform

Our classes will be run through Zoom, which offers a wealth of features that our teachers can use to maximise the potential of online learning.

Students can break into teams, share documents and resources, and engage with English through music, film, and more!


It is necessary to have a computer with webcam, microphone and headphones (or speakers) to participate in the online lessons.

It is advisable to download and install Zoom to your computer well in advance of the start of the course in order to get used to using the platform.


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