Smart-courses for Cambridge exam preparation

Ace your Cambridge exam with Smarter English!

Follow our smart-course from home, and learn the tips and tricks you need to stroll through your exams.

What makes our exam preparation course so…smart?


Our lessons and webinars are all online, meaning students can join whatever their geography, and work closely with class-mates with complete peace of mind.

Super teachers

Our amazing teachers have tons of exam-prep experience and even include a few Cambridge examiners (shh!)


Studenti can access modules at a time which suits them. 

Our course calendars are low-stress with just one module per week.

If life gets in the way of their studies, students can even press “pause” for up to 2 weeks and continue when they are ready.


And yet, we still offer the support and encouragement that benefits so many students! 

Through our coaching system, we keep students motivated and engaged in the course, and help to resolve any challenges which they encounter.

Social skills.

removing geographical barriers and enabling students from all over Italy to work together makes for a great course.

Aside from the obvious friendships that can blossom, these connections can be the foundation of study groups that can help students stay motivated and support one another in their studies.

The quality you have come to expect from Smarter English.

As always, we offer fun activities, small groups with homogeneous levels, and our super-teachers have the charm and energy to keep their students engaged


Each of our exam preparation smart-courses is made up of a combination of group lessons, webinars, individual practice, group feedback, Question and Answer sessions, and self-study.

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Professional, native speaker teachers with extensive Cambridge examination experience lead small groups of 4-8 students in engaging speaking actives via Zoom.

Lessons each last 60 minutes


Our teachers draw on their knowledge and experience of Cambridge exam preparation to  to provide engaging and informative presentations.

Each webinar is dedicated to a specific part of an exam paper and will provide students with the insight and practice they need to ace the exam.

Students can follow live webinars and interact with the host via the chat function, or they can catch up at a later date. Recorded webinars will be available for review for 14 days.

Course materials

Each lesson and webinar is complemented by comprehensive study notes delivered in pdf format and downloadable after the session.

Individual practice

Together with the session notes, individual study tasks are set to reinforce and crystallise the information and skills presented during the session.

Feedback and Q&A sessions

In these webinars, our teachers go through each homework task, presenting answers and explanations.

Students can follow live webinars and interact with the host via the chat function, or they can catch up at a later date. Recorded webinars will be available for review for 14 days.

Writing task corrections

Students’ written work is assessed and corrected by a Cambridge examiner. This valuable feedback helps students to understand where they are gaining and losing out on points in their writing.

Self study

Quizlet and video resources are available to allow students to master level-appropriate grammar, vocabulary and functional language at their convenience.

Exam courses offered

click on a link below for more information about the specific course composition and prices.

A2 Key

B1 Preliminary

B2 First

C1 Advanced

If you are not sure which exam is right for you, talk to your regular English teacher.

Alternatively, enrol in a course, do a free level test, and we’ll help find the right course for you.

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