Someone who loves you has decided to give you a great start to 2021: The Gift of English.

Aside from the notebook and pencil that you have already unwrapped, you are entitled to a free level-test to assess your current level of English, and a choice of either

4 hours of online English lessons with a group

We use the results of our level test to sort adult students into small groups (4-8 students) based on shared levels and goals.

Each group works with a team of professional, native-speaker teachers in a virtual classroom on ZOOM.

During each hour-long, weekly lesson, the group tackles a selection of fun and engaging activities designed to develop speaking skills and fluency.


1 hour of Individual online English tuition

A professional, native-speaker teacher will prepare an hour of activities based on your level test and the interests and goals you specify in the enrolment form

You will then join the teacher in a virtual classroom on ZOOM to work together to level-up your English

To claim your lessons, and receive your level test, please fill in the following form:


It is necessary to have a computer with webcam, microphone and headphones (or speakers) to participate in the online lessons.

It is advisable to download and install Zoom to your computer well in advance of the start of the course in order to get used to using the platform.


check out our FAQs below:

1: Who is this English course for?

This is a course for ADULTS

2: Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Since it is such a short course, we don’t offer certificates of participation.

3: What happens if I experience technical difficulties and can't connect to my lesson?

A good connection and functioning hardware are the student’s responsibility. If the teacher has to cancel the lessons because of technical problems with Zoom or their own computer, the lesson will be rescheduled

4: I don't have a computer. Can I participate on my phone or tablet?

In order to enjoy the full functionality of our zoom-based lessons, we strongly recommend finding a computer you can use for each lesson. However, If that is impossible, we can do individual lessons via zoom on phones and tablets.

5: What happens if I am unable to attend a lesson due to other commitments?

We can reschedule individual lessons IF we are given 24hours notice.

Unfortunately we can’t guarantee the rescheduling of group lessons, but if possible, we will offer alternatives times and dates to recover lessons.

If you can’t find your answer above, email us at: