On-site intensive courses

We organise and run full-immersion English weeks in high schools and middle schools throughout Europe.

A team of professional, native-speaker, English teachers travels to the host school, stays with local host families, and over the course of the week, delivers an amazing array of activities designed to get students speaking and having fun with English.

Most schools opt to host our on-site projects during holidays and other breaks in the academic year, but we can organize intensive English weeks at any time of the year.

What makes our full-immersion weeks so special?

Tailored content

Typically, we build a course according to students’ levels, and the teaching programme followed during the school year. This strategy facilitates a focus on listening and speaking skills using familiar language and makes activities more accessible, relevant, and rewarding.

8 to 12 students

Fewer students means more homogeneity of levels, so the class moves forward at a pace that suits everyone.

Moreover, teachers are able to give more attention to individuals and offer ample opportunity to interact, making speaking practice more productive.

Multiple teachers

The super-teachers rotate between groups in the course of each day. For students this means exposure to multiple accents, energies and teaching styles.


The friendly and safe atmosphere created by our staff promotes linguistic risk-taking; as well as enjoying an increase in confidence, participants will develop a willingness to experiment and have fun with English.


Contact us to find out how we can set up a full-immersion English week in your school!

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