At the end of each project, we ask students to fill in an anonymous online feedback form. The feedback is collected through a series of statements which the students can respond to expressing their level of agreement. “9” indicates students strongly agree with the statement.

The feedback helps us to evaluate the success of the project and make future corrections. The results (below) from our 2019 projects were (as usual) amazing.

To see our (even better!) results from September 2021 projects, check out this pdf

Different to usual lessons

A whopping 93% of respondents agreed that the activities we offer are very different to the usual lessons they have at school.

A good investment

85% of respondents said that the time and money they spent on the project was a smart investment.

Words Words Words

It is no surprise that so many students agreed that they’d learned new vocabulary.


One of our key goals is to make participants more confident speakers. Mission accomplished.


And they say they are more motivated too.

Spread the love

We were very happy to see that the vast majority would encourage their friends to do a project with us!

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